Bluntisham House, in Bluntisham

Rectory Road, Bluntisham, PE28 3LN

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Rectory Road, Bluntisham, PE28 3LN


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This is a legally protected building of historic significance

This location is listed Grade 2 by English Heritage


This property is listed here for Historical Reference only, the property is a PRIVATE RESIDENCE and is NOT open to the public. The images displayed here are taken from the public highway.

Bluntisham House, formerly The Rectory, was the home of the famous author, Dorothy L Sayers and one of the doorways is reputed to have been brought over from Oliver Cromwells house at Huntingdon.

Bluntisham House is a large two-storied building with a square front, built of white brick, concealed by which are old attic gables. Its present form dates from 1848. In the middle of the front is an old doorway, now used as a window, which was brought from Cromwell''s house in St. Ives, when it was pulled down in 1848. Bluntisham House stands in a garden of 3 acres. The parsonage house is named in terriers of the early 17th century, but Dr. Samuel Knight who died in 1746 built himself an ''excellent house, and laid out a great deal of money in gardens about it.''

A remarkable hurricane in 1741 untiled the roof of the old house, and destroyed statues and balustrades. About 1800 the Rev. R. Tillard built a new house. The setting of the building among groups of fine trees and flower beds affords an attractive view to those who pass along the Ely road.


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Bluntisham House

Bluntisham House


Cromwell's Door

Cromwell's Door


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