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A local news item from Bluntisham Parish Council

New Candidates - Parish Council Election 7th

Here are the profiles of some of the new candidates standing for election on 7th May.
Alan Moules. I am standing for election and if successful will utilise the skills I have learned in business and life to assist the Council in making sensible decisions that benefit the village and its residents.
I have lived in Cambridgeshire since 1989 and moved to Bluntisham in 2000 where I have raised 2 children within a secure and friendly village environment. Now my children have moved on I plan to give something back to the community and as a Parish Councillor I can help to maintain and improve what is already a very desirable place to live.
I am a director of a local business and enjoy cycling and walking with my wife and dogs around the wonderful countryside of Cambridgeshire.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to be 1 of your 11 Parish Council votes on the 7th May.
Tom Highland. I am one of the Managers at Budgens in Bluntisham. Along with a number of other people from our village I have come forward as a new candidate in the Parish Council elections. As someone who works in Bluntisham I care passionately about the well-being of the village. At the age of 23 I feel, if elected, I can support the Parish Council with some fresh new ideas that can appeal to the younger members of our community.
Ian Shepherd. I am also standing for the Parish Council this year. We've lived in the village for almost 10 years now, and like everyone else, we love it. We've made so many great friends, our kids love the school and it's a lovely place to live.
I'm very honest and conscientious, and I'm good at seeing all sides of discussion. If I'm elected I'll be keen to find out what as many people in the village think before making any decisions. Having said that, I'm also positive and practical and will be keen to get things done.
I run an online business and I'd like to bring some of that experience to the PC, if I'm elected. I think there's a great opportunity to take more advantage of the internet and engage more people from our community, as more and more of us start using email, Facebook, etc.
I've made a start to this by setting up the local Bluntisham Elections facebook page. There are lots of new candidates for the Parish Council this election. I think it would be great to have some fresh faces and get some new ideas considered, and will be keen to find out what you think about the issues that affect us all, if I'm elected.
Rob Gore. This is me. I'm standing for election because my family and I really appreciate the Bluntisham community in which we live and want to preserve everything that's good about it for the future generations. Please support me with your vote and I promise to listen to your ideas and concerns and put the community first in all parish matters.
Mark Berg. I'm a new candidate standing at this year's Parish Council elections. I've lived in Bluntisham for the past 14 years (prior to that in St Ives) and my wife's family currently has three generations living in the village. In the past, I have been an active member of FOSH when my children were at the school. I love my village, and am often amazed at the high level of village participation at every public event; such as St Helens Party in the Park and the Jubilee celebration a few years ago. I believe Bluntisham has a real sense of community and I feel that everyone wants to be more involved in the decision making that affects their village. Having enjoyed everything Bluntisham has to offer, both with and without my children, I feel it is now the right time for me to give something back to a place that I love and can proudly call home. I'm a great believer in open communication and engagement at every level, as there should be nothing to hide with regards to how our village is run. Should you vote for me, I will bring an element of transparency and enthusiasm to the Parish Council.
Philippa Hope. I'm standing for election and would like to give some background as to my motivation. I have lived in Bluntisham for 16 years. I have served on the council in the past and was Chair for 2 years. In that time I worked hard to make a difference, the footpath on the garage side of Station Road, disabled gates on two footpaths, stopping the development of an incinerator at White Bridge corner, all happened during my time on the council. After a 4 year break, I'm hoping to serve my community again. My aim is to ensure that our wonderful village thrives and that the council represents, listens and communicates with and to everyone who, like me, is lucky enough to live here. Thank you for reading I hope you'll consider voting for me.
John Magee - On Thursday 7th May you will be able to Democratically Elect Your Parish Council not an undemocratic Co-Opted Group. Your Parish Council Tax rose by 6% this year now the highest in Cambridgeshire. I have attended Parish Council Meetings I have witnessed residents leaving with Anger, Frustration, Intimidation, Bullying and Lack of Respect. You have the opportunity to Vote for Your Parish Council there are 17 Candidates for 11 Councillors, I bring experience as I served on Medway Council prior to moving to Bluntisham. I understand Planning Law. I am an Ambassador to The Historic Dockyard Chatham. I cannot promise you anything but you will have a voice.
The following people are all standing for election on the 7th May and this poster will be updated as soon as their profiles are received:
Mike Francis
Jo Hall
Steve Highland
Anne Parsons


A local news item from Bluntisham Parish Council

Parish Councillors - who are they............

Cynthia Curtis - I feel I am lucky to be able to say I have lived in this village for roughly 35 years and its well being is very important to me. I was a parent helper at the old High Street playgroup when my two daughters attended and when they moved on to St Helens School I was an active member of the PTA. After that I have had little free time as I was working full time in Cambridge but early last year I partially retired and joined the Parish Council. I found my first year was a huge learning curve but I attended various Councillor courses to give me the knowledge and skills that I needed. I am soon to be fully retired and hope to serve the parish in whatever capacity I can for at least a second year should I be elected.
Kathy Searle - I have been a Parish Councillor for Bluntisham for 22 years and 6 years previously at Colne. I have been involved in the re-sighting of the present play area and with the help of a former Parish Councillor the trim trail, both of which are greatly used by many children. I was on the steering group for the 8 years it took for design on various sites to permit where the village hall is now sited. We were unable to get a grant from the lottery despite trying 3 times. The parishioners voted to go ahead with the build and borrowing money from the Public Works Board Loan. This is a wonderful facility which is well used by all ages, groups and businesses and I am incredibly proud of. The affordable house scheme, which at present has 2 possible sites, is needed in the village and I will support this, whichever site comes to fruition, if I am re-elected. I have been involved with the PTA whilst my children were at St Helens and currently work as a lunch time supervisor at the school, which I have done for a number of years.
Frank Hudson - I have lived in the village since I was 12 months old and have been a Parish Councillor for the last 7 years. I am responsible for the allotments, tree warden, right-of-way footpaths together with all the hedges throughout the village and The Tony Rowell Orchard. I am also on the Hall Management Committee and the Parish Council representative on the Feoffees Charity. I have recently been involved in liaising with the contractors working for the County Council regarding the construction of the foot/cycle pathway through to St Ives via Needingworth.I enjoy doing all of these things for the village and hope to be able to continue to do so.
Margaret Lumb - I moved to Bluntisham in 1976 with my husband. We were founder members of Neighbourhood Watch. I set up, with two others, the first Rainbow Guide Group in the area. I remained "Greenfinch" for 16 years. After my husband died in 2007 I was approached to join the Parish Council as he had been a member for 7 years. I also joined the Royal British Legion local branch & have been a poppy collector for over 20 years. I represent the Parish Council on Hanson Quarry & ENVAR Liaison committees. I am currently Chairman of the St. Ives Area Road Safety committee. Two & a half years ago I took on the role of Parish Highway Warden & regularly have a walkabout with the Highway Officer looking at the roadways & footpaths. A few years ago a group of villages formed the Heavy Commercial Vehicles Forum & we aim to reduce these vehicles using our roads when not delivering to the villages. We have had some success & there is now better signposting of Strategic Lorry Routes. I have been a lunchtime supervisor at St. Helen's School for 25 years. I served on the Playgroup committee when my children attended & did a year as Chairman. I have enjoyed my involvement with the village since moving here & would like to continue so to do.
Joan Gutteridge - I came to live in the village 24 years ago and started attending the Parish Council meetings on a regular basis and in 2003, just after my husband passed away, I was asked to join the Parish Council. Straight away I became involved with the Bluntisham Development Association when the village hall was being planned and then I was involved in running it for the first 3 years until I handed it over to the Clerk in 2007. I am also a Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator. I have as Chair for the last 12 months along with fellow councillors Gary James, Kathy Searle, Cynthia Curtis, Margaret Lumb, Emily Godfrey and Frank Hudson and the Parish Clerk Tracey Davidson worked tirelessly to make our village something to be proud of. Profiles of all councillors standing for election will be on display around the village and on the social media sites as well as the website. I strongly urge everyone to go along to the village hall on 7th May to vote. The Parish Council is made up of 11 people, however, for several years this has only consisted of 7 or 8 people. More hands mean more action as the responsibility can be shared. We are all anxious to fulfill the urgent need to provide Affordable Housing to compliment that which already exists in both Sumerling Way and Glebe Close.


A local news item from Bluntisham Parish Council

Have your Say ...............................

at the Annual Parish Meeting on Monday 11th May from 8pm in Bluntisham Village Hall.


A local news item from Bluntisham Parish Council

Update to Council Meetings

There will be an additional meeting on Friday 1st May at 8pm to sign any outstanding cheques, discuss another planning application received. This will save any delay following the election. The meeting on Monday 11th May is just the Annual Parish Meeting as there won't be enough time to formally invite the new councillors to a full council meeting. This will now be scheduled for Monday 18th May when we will know who the new Parish Councillors will be. The Hall Management Meeting which was due to be held on Monday 18th May will be postponed until the new council is formed.


A local news item from Bluntisham Parish Council

Celebrate the end of WW2

Do you have a few hours to spare? If so would you be willing to offer your time to help arrange a village event to celebrate the end of WW2? A short meeting is being held on Monday 23 February at 8pm to start the organising. So what are you waiting for, come and join in and be part of a great community event. For more details please contact the clerk. Tracey Davidson via email: bluntishamclerk@gmail.com


A local news item from Bluntisham Parish Council

Legends of Rock

Last chance to buy tickets for this event being held on Saturday 7th February at Bluntisham Village Hall. Tickets only £10 each. Contact Tracey Davidson 07725 308115 for more details.


A local news item from Bluntisham Parish Council

Thanks from the Rotary Club

""From Santa and all his elves, the Rotary Club of St Ives says a huge thank-you to all those generous people in Bluntisham who on Monday night donated a massive £631.10 towards our charitable good causes. Well done Bluntisham and wishing you all a most happy Christmas."


A local news item from Bluntisham Village Hall Management Committee

Crafty Revolutions

Come and join Francesca Kemp on Saturday 6th December from 10.00am - 2pm for some Christmas shopping and also crafty demonstrations.
For more details contact Francesca on 07771536056 or email craftyrevolution@hotmail.co.uk


A local news item from Bluntisham Parish Council

Crafty Revolution - come and get crafty

Come and join Francesca at Bluntisham Village Hall on Saturday 6th December and learn some new skills. The session will start at 10.00am withe a free crochet workshop (booking essential). There will be a display of my items available to purchase and at midday children and adults can make pompoms and fabric covered buttons. At 1pm Serena from Sugar Daddy's is doing a sugarcraft demonstration. The session will finish at 2pm.
For more details contact Francesca on 07771536056 or craftyrevolution@hotmail.co.uk
There will be vintage dressy up clothes for everyone to try as a bit of fun plus my Christmas Stocking competition filled with prizes from local businesses.


A local news item from Bluntisham Parish Council

Christmas Gift Fair

Why not get some early Christmas shopping done and support your local community at the same time. Over 20 stalls of treats, goodies and gifts will be available on Saturday 15 November from 2-6pm at Bluntisham Village Hall. Entrance is free and the children can see Santa and have their photo taken by a professional studio, great Christmas present. Refreshments and a raffle are also available. So what are you waiting for, come and support your local community on Saturday 15 November. All proceeds go to the Community Fund which helps the village. For more details contact the Clerk on 01487 740230 or Emily Godfrey on 01487 843377



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