A regular activity in Bluntisham on a Monday


BALLROOM DANCING at Bluntisham Village Hall is a recurring local activity.


organised by

Bluntisham Village Hall Management Committee


being held at

Bluntisham Village Hall


This activity starts at 19.00 and is scheduled to end around 20.00


Ballroom Dancing for adults,dancing to great music,Sue Stopps (fully qualified) teacher,suitable for begineers, or advanced.Two evening session run,on a Monday evening 7pm till 8pm - 8pm until 9pm. Suitable for all levels. New members welcome,turn up on the evening, or contact sue.stopps@gmail.com
Sue Stopps 07876 130037
£5 per person per session, no advance payment.


BALLROOM DANCING is held every Monday at Bluntisham Village Hall and runs continuously through the year

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